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Grand Cross: Arcturians # 1

There is a lot going on in the world and actually it’s been like this for several years. Constantly we are touched by shocking occurrences that become blocked in our feelings. But for those of you, who dare to look beyond this pattern, will see that the development of the mass consciousness is reaching a climax. We are pitched on the edge of an evolutionary highlight that has been in the making for centuries. Looking at the chaos in our world, really I should not say this but, what a party! What a life! What a wonderful time! All of us have won the winning ticket, because everyone who is alive right now has the opportunity to experience this; the biggest transformation in the conscious of mankind.

Now of course the burning question is: when? When is all this going to happen? And when it has happened, what are we going to feel? Realize that it is already happening and those who are awake, are going to be the witness. But, as you have already read; there is more. We are going in the direction of a turning point that is going to happen in March and according to astrological sources this is going to be at the time of the Spring Equinox. Everywhere in the world people are talking about this Grand Cross, you can find information on a number of websites, but there are not many sources that actually link this to our growing process on earth. Or should I say: our cleansing process. Energetically speaking we will be cleansed from our karma and on a human level letting go of quite a lot. Many are feeling this, but do not dare to make contact with it because of their fear of disconnecting from reality and not being able to function any longer in the ‘normal world’. We are afraid of losing control.

However, everyone really yearns for this detachment, because we have outgrown the 3D matrix. At a soul level we have stopped learning and are ready for the next dimension. The signals in our subconscious are totally clear; we get tired more easily, we are more distracted. It almost seems as if the old patterns that we thought we had dealt with long ago are crossing our paths once more. It makes us restless, powerless. We so want to break through, but it seems as though we are pulled backwards to our past again and again. And speaking about the past: this can go so far back that it includes past lives too.

This is what the Arcturians say:

“There is a huge increase in the activity around the earth’s quantum field, call it cosmic energy. Mankind is preparing itself for a really strong turning point, one that has not happened before in your evolution. You are going to move from programmed thinking to intuitive feeling. The way is open and moves from the head to the heart. You are almost forced to take this route and therefore the soul is creating a summary. ‘Where do I come from? Which process have I experienced? What did I learn from it?’ In order to detach yourself from the programmed reality that you know, you first have to heal yourself from the energetic illness that have been passed down. This is what you call ‘karma’. This is a deviating code that within a family line has been passed down from generation to generation. Look at it like a geometric hologram that begins in a simple form and that every multiplication makes the form more complex. If somewhere along the line the rhythm is disturbed, then each and every following layer becomes even more complex. This means that the patterns you have inherited from your forefathers are very complex now. It takes even more effort to break through these repeating patterns and that is why this is guided from a distance. There is a lot of help from other dimensions to re-programme mankind, so that these complex patterns do not have dramatic effects. In the human process this transformation seems to be tough and take a long time, but in this you have a choice. Everything depends on the critical masses, or in other words the minimum number of people it will take to reach the expansion of the quantum field.

This process is happening now and in your time will take a number of years. It all depends on the choice that you make whether you give in or not to the cleansing of life on earth. In your experience this seems to be taking ages, but as far as evolution is concerned this is happening really fast! The side effects of this leap can be enormous though. It has influence on nature, people and animals. During these phases of intense cleansing it could well be that you are not able to function as you are used to because you are not paying enough attention and therefore tension, tiredness, pain, sadness, frustration and excessive emotional reactions are the result of this exhaustion. But underneath all of that is the enormous desire to change, a feeling that you cannot understand in your head, because the signals are coming from the heart, from the soul.”

So what can we do to stay closer to ourselves, so that we encounter fewer side effects? As far as I can see it’s important not to hang around in the process. I see a lot of people struggling with all sorts of questions that are not really relevant. Just let them go. Accept it just as it is. Take more rest more often. Focus on the good things and the things that are going well (instead of all the things that are not right). Don’t dig too deep and go with the flow. We have to go through this, all of us. The outcome will be that the soul can free itself; the belief that it is playing a part in a world that has been made for us to learn. In this role we have forgotten who we really are, but the memory is slowly coming to the surface. Our karma is going to be healed and our blueprint will become visible. Along the way old patterns come back for a while, not to re-live them again, just to simply delete them – we do not need them anymore!

Also it is very important to be aware how you start your day. The first 12 minutes after you wake up, is the time that you are in a certain state when you have the ability to look at everything from a distance. Then you are wide open, your energetic vibration is at its highest and this is by far the best moment to gain access to your subconscious. Then you are ready to receive the input from your Higher Self and to create what you want to create for this day. Look at it like your ‘download speed’ at its highest point. Be very aware what you think about at this time and what you feel… the first 12 minutes of the day. Speaking directly to our five senses and to connect these to the Altar Major can then strengthen the input. This is a chakra point within the brain that is awakening during this evolutionary process. The entrance to this chakra is at the base of the neck (where the skull joins the neck) and is a direct link with the pineal gland (also known as the ‘epiphysis’). Particularly during a moment in time when undergoing a great karmic healing it is important that we continue to feed this chakra and repeatedly re-activate it.

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From heart to heart,




Cердечно благодарю!!!(:sly:)

Оля Сазонова(Коваленко)

То что хотела услышать,благодарю))))!!!!

vdoveva svetlana

Мои приветствия, Всем ! Во истину волшебные времена . Бесценна такая помощь
,которая исходит от Яноша и его команды . Конечно Арктурианцам и всем Существам Света – Признательность и Благодарность !!!!!



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