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Сolumn “Echo & Rhythm”

For those of you who are familiar with my work, every hologram has a specific influence on a part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher the hidden knowledge within you. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, or in other words: a vibration of energy that resonates with our feelings. In my column I describe my personal experiences when I receive these frequencies. Usually I talk about the one that is most apparent at the moment and give my opinion about the developments within this theme.

Echo & Rhythm

Approximately a month ago I came back from Montserrat, the spiritual heart of Catalonia in Spain where I stayed with a beautiful group of people for two days. It was a wonderful retreat at a sacred place, which in some or other way touches you. It’s just as if you can feel the greatness of life and appreciate the smaller things too. You come back to that childish feeling of discovery and endless fantasy. And so I came home with the playful idea of closing off this season with a highlight. An open day had been planned and it just had to be a success. I wanted a spectacular closure with lots of movement, perhaps even a bit of chaos. I brutally said to myself: ‘This is going to be an Open Day the likes of which we have never had before!’

I could hardly believe what happened next. For some or other unapparent reason my words came back to me and how! We received a theme park of people who came to visit us, with queues at the theatre doors, cars parked in all the surrounding streets. It was unbelievable! In one continuous show, we presented the activation Self Love. As one group left the theatre the next group rushed inside, it went that fast. From a distance it looked like ‘musical chairs’. I got a ‘bit’ of chaos too, and luckily everything went smoothly. Absolutely exhausted but satisfied I crashed out on the settee that evening and asked myself how in heaven’s name was this possible? So many people, so much movement and all in one day. The public came from all over the country, from Groningen (in the far north) to Limburg (in the far south). There were even people who came from Belgium for a presentation that only takes about half an hour, and they had come by car making a journey that takes six times as much time! Was it all about the day? Or was it my words? Had I transmitted something that came back to me?

Like a ping-pong ball between two worlds

In the day-to-day rhythm I often lose that overpowering feeling from an open day quite quickly. I asked myself several times why it had been so incredibly busy, but I didn’t get an answer, so I let it go. Perhaps it was just the reward for a season’s hard work and many investments, I couldn’t think of anything else. But shortly afterwards I began to doubt. I just could not believe that this has suddenly manifested itself. I didn’t want to believe it! There had to be something behind it, a sort of system or formula that I did not entirely understand.

It was one sunny Monday morning when I was sitting behind my computer that I began to go into a sort of trance. At that moment I was not doing anything particular, but I suddenly had the feeling that I was slowly being lifted. My hands began to tingle and one side of my body suddenly became very warm. I know that feeling: it is just as if someone from another dimension is making contact with you. This usually happens when I receive a new hologram, so I did what I always do: I put on my computer and began to design. A grid of lines appeared quite quickly which looked like a four sided matrix. I heard a sound that reflected like an echo, harder and softer. When the sound came close, my focus was strong, when it went away everything became hazy. I was playing a game with my own hologram, bouncing like a ping-pong ball between two worlds – it sounds crazy, but I don’t know how to describe it in any other way.

As the hologram began to take form and have more details, more and more fragments of my life passed by. Images of family, friends, moments from my youth, my childhood. ‘What on earth is happening?’ I thought. Sometimes I heard music or sounds. Or words were spoken by me or someone else, with a confusing tone in between. I just didn’t understand it all.

At a certain moment, the flow stopped and the fragments of my past disappeared. I could no longer hear the tone that became harder and softer anymore. I am not entirely sure how long this trance lasted, but to me it felt as if I had been sitting behind my computer for hours (although in retrospect it was much shorter). With a strong cup of coffee, I tried to regain a grip on reality and when I came back to look at it again, with fresh eyes, I could feel that I was not finished. Not that there was something missing from the hologram, but the session had been incomplete, just as if I was watching a film and had taken a pause.

I opened a new screen for the second part and I began to design as quickly. New lines, patterns, and connections … it went so fast that I could not keep myself still. My knees were going up and down and my hand kept moving the mouse rhythmically to and fro and clicking. It made me feel really happy and when I put the two holograms beside one another I said to myself jokingly: “Congratulations, it’s twins!’

Echo and Rhythm

It was actually quite strange that I first thought of twins. They don’t look like one another but it feels that they belong to one another. They have something in common. Otherwise there would have been more time than just the few minutes between them. I was fascinated how quickly these two holograms followed one another. I cannot remember that this has ever happened before. They just have to be brothers, each one with their own name and meaning. I suddenly felt like jumping up and dancing around. It was just as if I had created two different instruments which formed a harmonic sound together. Echo and Rhythm – sounds like music to the ears!

Incredibly happy with my new born “twin brothers”. I received a huge number of reactions from people who felt connected to these frequencies. It seemed as if my whole surrounding had been rebuilt to make a perfect acoustic space where I could test my two new instruments. Words and thoughts that came back like an echo, situations and lessons that repeat every now and again… everyone could talk about them and wanted to philosophize. The strange thing was that everyone understood immediately that my two holograms belonged together. Not that they could explain why, they just felt it. The reactions on Facebook were so confirming that I had the urge to dive down even deeper. I wanted to know why it was so recognizable for everyone.

My lotus flower

It is quite amusing to see how far you can go if you feel that deep within something resonates, even though you don’t have the key. If you could see my office now, you would know what I mean. There are books everywhere, sketches, folded A4’s with notes, images with texts with red underlining and on every single space left on the desk, an empty coffee cup. This often happens when I am in a creative process. In my opinion that is all part of it. I often say as a joke: even the most beautiful lotus flower blooms from the mud. By this I mean that sometimes you need a bit of chaos to achieve a beautiful result. Imagine my office as the mud, then my lotus flower has just bloomed. I don’t want to say too much too soon, but the name alone has already reached and made many people aware: Echo System.

I don’t want to say too much about the Echo System (apart from the fact that it is mind blowing!) but from the name you will no doubt be able to guess that I have solved the mystery about the busy Open Day in July. Yes, there is a system and I have found the key! Nothing that we experience is a coincidence and that is no longer a strange thought for a lot of us anymore. But the art is to understand how it works. How does creation work? How does synchronicity work? How come you have to think strongly about a certain thing one day that is later confirmed? How come that your words and emotions have a direct influence on what happens in your life? How can that?

It was quite a search. I had to dig deep in the mud. Nasty situations from the past that I don’t want to look at any more, I have had to look at again under the microscope. I looked at what constantly repeats in my life and why. What I started to see is that my surroundings are so much more than a mirror image of myself. My surroundings and myself are one. We grow and work as one; like a ticking watch with many cogwheels. With everyone who plays a part in my life, I share a process and that process has a rhythm. With some the rhythm is quick and intense, with others slow and with care. In our shared development we are connected with one another and we communicate in words, thoughts and energy. We send signals out to one another to keep our processes ongoing, sometimes at the right moment and sometimes at the totally wrong moment. The signals reflect like echoes and memories that remind us that we have to change gear at the right moment, so that the process keeps going. If we disturb the rhythm, then everything goes wrong and there is chaos. Look at it like a big orchestra: if one musician loses the rhythm, then everything loses it context.

In my case I could make the connection in my own life quite quickly; defending myself. That is a theme with me that has a lot of cogwheels that are joined together. I am someone who loves to follow his intuition, even if my surroundings think that this is strange. If I feel something, a desire or a goal, then I go for it straightaway. I actually quite dislike having to build the foundations. I find that quite annoying, because it slows down the process, or: that is the way I see it. In the past I regularly got stuck in situations where I have to defend my feeling, and if this took too long, then I felt that no one understood me, so energetically I pulled away. I shut myself up in a cocoon and avoided confrontations. What I then created not only slowed down my own process but that of others too. Thinking that I would be better off alone, I did not keep to the agreement of growing together, because I broke away from my connection to the whole. I disengaged myself from the system, like a musician who is playing the wrong tune, and then the rest of the orchestra got totally confused. Over the years I have learn to react quicker to this, but I never understood why this pattern kept repeating (until now)

If you change, your surroundings change too

What I want to make clear is, that we have to break away from the illusion that we are all living on our own little island. Our existence is far greater than an individual process. We are all part of an echo system that is constantly moving, in which we grow together and communicate telepathically. We pick up one another’s frequencies without even thinking about it, because this is a fact. This is a part of who we are. If you find your place and your rhythm, with every person and every challenge, then you will do the right things at exactly the right time. They say that success is just a question of timing. Everything can depend on that one decisive moment, but what you should not forget is, that such a moment has been prepared a long time ago. It’s all part of a process that you perhaps started many years ago and only you know when your moment of success is coming. Learn to trust the people who are involved – feel their signals – and then you will know exactly what you have to do.

When I began to understand this, I was no longer under control. I was jumping around, shouting excitedly! What I have been saying for years is true: if you change, your surroundings change too. I could never really explain it, but now I have the key. It’s just as if I now can see that everything is connected. All my processes, the people in my life, the situations that keep repeating. Everything that occupies me, where I get my inspiration from… religion, science, spirituality… the source of all flow, the symbols, the basic values of our existence… all the knowledge is available, but we do not have to understand what in fact is purely natural. Creation is in our genes, in our DNA. We don’t need to learn that or involve ourselves in complex systems. It is all about the idea that you and I are one. That we can feel one another on different levels, help, guide and influence. It is the knowledge of what we already do and the thoughts like ‘I should give him a call’ or ‘how is she getting along?’ just don’t come from somewhere.

A wall to play tennis against

What I really needed, was a reflection. I just had to share this, without thinking it was important what others think, or if they will understand. I have to present my philosophy, without connecting a goal to it, just allow my energy to flow. Not to help or to inspire, but just to transmit something. I want to feel this system, in each and every cell. I have spoken to many people in my social circles on the phone, people with different backgrounds … spiritual, scientific, religious, and pragmatic. I had to bring a group of people together who think differently about the reality. Whether they would be caught up in my story or not: I just wanted to start something. I want a sounding board, a wall to play tennis against.

That is why I am so grateful to everyone who gave me feedback, because then everything fell into place for me. I knew what I had to do, and I have received the most amazing echoes in return. Practically every day I was witness to synchronicity almost in gratitude for all the confirmations that suddenly everything became a magnet, which was related to Echo and Rhythm. Everything within my network opened up and began to flow. Each small change in my words or thoughts I saw reflected in my surroundings. I got it back in discussions, symbols, images on TV, music… everything sounded like one large echo! A talk show in which a scientist talks about epigenetics with examples that completely correspond to the echo system as I feel it. A message on Facebook over contextual therapy, which gave me pieces of information that completely agree with my theories. It feels exactly like tennis. Transmitting and receiving on a trusted rhythm.

Being in my element

If I go back to the Open Day, then I know that the enormous activity was not purely my own creation. What was it then? The right link at the right moment. It was a well-timed movement in the process from all the people who were there including my team and me. That process begun years ago and was given a push on the 20th March. It was then the Grand Cross, a happening that attracted a lot of interest to which many people felt energetically attached. The Open Day was on the same line. It was all part of the rhythm.

Perhaps I am sounding as if I have discovered the truth, but that is not how I experience it. I have nothing more or less than anyone else. And if I thought about it like that I would only confine my vision. I immediately had to think about a poem that I found recently and used during a recent presentation, in which a sentence says: The most suffering comes from your feeling of being more or less than someone else’. To me that is the real truth. I don’t want to convince anyone of what I have discovered. What I want is to be in my element. I want to keep doing things that make me happy and bring me further. I want to take up the role in the system in which I live. If we all do that and tune ourselves to the entirety, then there will be a beautiful symphony and we can all grow faster and create. Then I no longer need to keep chewing on the same questions ‘why do I have to keep defending myself?’ And then I can use my surroundings to help me to no longer feel uncertain.

It’s strange but quite funny that during this exciting stage of development that I am preparing for a journey to Balukha in Siberia, where I will be completely detached from everything and everyone. Under the leadership of the Shamans, I will be journeying with a small group of participants for two weeks across the mountain ranges that can only be reached on horseback. We will be staying overnight in tents, only eating food from nature. Yes, that it quite something! But it is said to be a beautiful journey, one of those ‘Bucket List’ things that keeps you going for years.

As I am not expecting to meet you in the middle of Siberia, I just want to finish by saying, enjoy the summer and see you soon next Season!

From heart to heart,




Сердечно Благодарю за Чудесную статью и Ваше Волшебное Творчество! С Новым 2016 годом! Любви, РАдости и Изобилия! С Уважением!


БлагоДАРю!Так изящно и так сильно!Потрясающее осмысление!Как здорово,увидев ваш ритм,почувствовать себя на верном Пути!!!
С новым годом))))

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