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Grand Cross # 7

Interesting times are coming. A great cosmic happening, which is called the Grand Cross, is approaching and will have a lot of influence on the energy around earth. People are predicting a total solar eclipse in the northern Atlantic Ocean on or around 21st March 2015. In the time approaching this eclipse, great planetary influences await us. Together we are going to go through a huge transformation that is meant to cleanse us from our karmic past. In the forthcoming weeks I will regularly post updates over what is happening as we approach this event, with thanks to the astrologer, Annette Kok.

Update #7 (by Annette Kok)

Mars joins in with the square

Following the good positions at the beginning of March, we are seeing that the atmosphere around us is becoming more erratic preparing itself for the meeting between the war planets Mars and Uranus, the planet of renewal. In view of the final and seventh exact square between Uranus and Pluto on the 17th March and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on the 20th March, the tensions are building up because of the special meeting between Mars and Uranus. Around the 12th March all the planets involved are positioned on the same 15 degree. Nature and mankind will react with feeling to this cosmic vibration. That is why it is important to remain calm and positive, because the turning point at the Spring Equinox is on its way. Apart from the energetic field resulting from the square and the Grand Cross there will also be a perfect triangle and includes the following planets; in the night of 12-13th March the Moon will form a perfect triangle with Mars and Uranus, whilst Jupiter in retrograde will be 13 degrees in Leo and merely 1 degree away from the triangle. At a greater distance we see Saturn with an orb of about 9-10 degrees and means that this planet also becomes part of the Great Fire Triangle. Good things can come from this energy; especially we allow the intention of peace to be felt within.

Around these special happenings on the 17th March (the exact square between Uranus and Pluto), the morning of the 20th March a Total Solar Eclipse and around midnight the Spring Equinox a special astrological happening will occur. There will be a Yod between the planets Mercury and Pluto towards Jupiter.

Yod, a pointing finger from God

Astrologically a Yod is called a finger pointing from God. This happens when two planets make a 60 degree aspect with one another, where the other individual planets form a 150 degree aspect with the planets positioned on the other side. Symbolically a letter Y, from Yod occurs. The astrological sign can be compared with a compass, where the points of the compass touch the planets that form the 60 degree aspect with one another and the planet in the distance forms the position of the top of the compass at 150 degrees, the place where we would normally hold the compass.

The Yod will be at his highest point at around 11.00 hrs GMT on the 21st March. This just so happens to be the activation day with Janosh. Here a bit more about the Yod.

Mercury is the planet of communication, trade and intellect and will be placed during the formation of the Yod at 13 degrees in Pisces. The zodiac sign Pisces is a spiritual sign that represents enlightenment and compassion. Mercury will be positioned on the shortest side of the Yod and makes a 60 degree connection with Pluto 15 degrees in Capricorn. There is particularly a lot happening in Pluto, because this planet is also exactly in the square Uranus and Pluto and as such a part of a Grand Cross which is regularly formed. Pluto’s role in this position is to bring cleansing and healing. Pluto works in a transforming way turning the deepest stone. Misconceptions will come to light.

The role of Jupiter in the Yod is the greatest, because Jupiter will form an in-conjunction on both sides 150 degrees towards Mercury and Pluto. In such a way Jupiter’s power will be divided. With the duality of the in-conjunction Jupiter can possibly determine if the energy should be applied as cleansing (under Pluto) or if we need to talk about it and take action (because of the influence of Mercury). When an astrological Yod occurs, a planet that forms the ‘apex’ of the Yod (the longest side of the letter Y) will have the biggest influence; and this is Jupiter.

In order to see which dilemma we are going to encounter, we have to direct our attention to the lucky planet Jupiter. Jupiter will be at 13 degrees in Leo and as we have seen before, Jupiter is often part of the Big Fire Triangle towards Uranus. On the one hand the planet Jupiter will make a Yod around 20-21st March with Pluto and on the other hand a Fire Triangle with Uranus. This planet will teach us how we can deal with the problems. The astrological element of Jupiter in Leo is that we can all be ourselves and enjoy our power and greatness. When we become more balanced with the differences between effort and relaxation and generous and loyal towards our fellow men, then we will overcome the problems arising from the existing square. Jupiter is a huge planet of gas and the largest in our galaxy. Jupiter is moving retrograde at the moment. A movement backwards from the Earth. During a retrograde period we are asked to look at ourselves inwardly.

Change begins with our self!

Online activation by Janosh

On the 20th of March 2015 (the day of the New Moon) Janosh will organize a webcast in which he will bring people in contact with the healing energy of the moment. The code Self Healing will be central and help you to go through this transformation process. The webcast will be in English and participation is free.

Date: 20th March 2015
Time: 23-00 (Moscow Time)

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