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Grand Cross # 8

Interesting times are coming. A great cosmic happening, which is called the Grand Cross, is approaching and will have a lot of influence on the energy around earth. People are predicting a total solar eclipse in the northern Atlantic Ocean on or around 21st March 2015. In the time approaching this eclipse, great planetary influences await us. Together we are going to go through a huge transformation that is meant to cleanse us from our karmic past. In the forthcoming weeks I will regularly post updates over what is happening as we approach this event, with thanks to the astrologer, Annette Kok.

Update #8 (by Annette Kok)

The seventh exact square

Can you feel the pressure building? In the final week before the exact square Uranus and Pluto on the 17th March and just before the Total Solar Eclipse on the 20th March, matters are coming to a head. A square between planets means tension and stress, but because of the huge transformational effect of such a moment, we are heading towards a turning point. A lot will be revealed just before this moment, some of which will be almost impossible to bear. Transformation brings healing and cleansing and that is the reason why we have to deal with a lot of matters, which do not really  concur with the new codes of cleanliness and purity. The resignation of Opstelten and Teeven (two Dutch Government officials) is just a small example.

Astrologically we call the planets Uranus and Pluto trans-Saturnal or mystery planets. They are not visible to the naked eye in the night sky. The revolution of Uranus around the Sun is approximately 84 years and Pluto 260 years. Because of this long revolution these two planets do not often form an aspect, but when this happens, this then takes place over a number of years. Because of the retrograde movements they can make an exact aspect up to seven times.

On the 17th March this is going to happen and the seventh and final exact square will occur between Uranus and Pluto. For as long as this exact square is working, we are going to feel a lot of unrest and tension in the world and in our personal life. Only after the exact square will we be able to talk about a turning point and the changes will not only be felt by our society but also in our personal lives.

Because faster moving planets, and also astrological points (see earlier updates), often are opposite to the square, a Mill occurs from time to time, or in other words a Grand Cross. This Grand Cross has the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), which have all left their blueprint in the past and created a dynamic effect. Now just one simple commotion on simply one of the points of the Grand Cross can have an enormous impact, just as slower moving planets bring in change.

New Moon and spectacular Solar Eclipse

On the 20th March on the last degrees of Pisces, whilst the Sun is moving from the zodiac sign of Pisces to Aries there will be a new Moon. This will occur at the same time as the Solar Eclipse at around 10.46 GMT. A part (80%) of the Total Solar Eclipse will be visible in The Netherlands from 09.30-11.45 (Middle European Time), where the Moon will optically cover the Sun for about 80%. With clear weather up to 85% could be visible in The Netherlands.

Elsewhere in certain areas, the solar eclipse will be visible as a Total Solar Eclipse. This Total Solar Eclipse will be in the area of the North Atlantic Ocean up to the North Pole, across the Faroe Islands, just to the east of Iceland and across Spitsbergen. Source:]

Of course we should protect our eyes by wearing a pair of special eclipse glasses. See the following link:

Lunar Eclipse

After the Spring Equinox and activation by Janosh on the 21st March, on the 4th April 2015 there will be a total Lunar Eclipse. Unfortunately this will not be visible in our particular area. The influence however will be widely felt. Lunar Eclipses are, as opposed to Solar Eclipses, visible in more places than one. However a total Lunar Eclipse is not that rare.


On a personal and worldwide level a period of re-birth is beginning. We are standing on the doorstep of the New Time, in which more people will awaken and will be spiritually more aware of the energies that they call up, transmit and receive. Everything is energy and has a certain frequency.

During Janosh’s activation we can tune into the right frequency and prepare ourselves for the beautiful challenges that lie before us. By adjusting our frequency to a higher level, we will be able to comprehend more quickly and easily, and when we keep our frequency higher, and do not allow ourselves to be drawn into the lower frequencies, we can really make a difference for ourselves.

Lower frequencies have the intention to affect all the surrounding frequencies, and tempt them to take on a lower frequency. Higher frequencies can easily step towards lower frequencies and as such take on said frequency. A lower frequency cannot by comparison reach the level of the higher frequencies or adapt.  A lower frequency can only reach a higher level by evolution. It is a mission, passion and destiny of all creatures with a higher frequency to be untouchable and be able to keep this higher frequency ongoing.

Let us all unite during the activation by Janosh and tune ourselves to the beautiful frequency of cleansing and healing.

Online activation by Janosh

On the 20th of March 2015 (the day of the New Moon) Janosh will organize a webcast in which he will bring people in contact with the healing energy of the moment. The code Self Healing will be central and help you to go through this transformation process. The webcast will  be in English and participation is free.

Date: 20th March 2015
Time: 08:00 p.m. GMT
More information >>





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