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We have important work to do….

Over the past few months, I have received several new frequencies and information, and, in this way, the pieces of the puzzle are all coming together. New techniques form the central thread and work from the pineal gland (epiphysis).

According to the Arcturians this ‘organ’ is shrinking enormously. I am not going to go into depth on the essential power and importance of this organism, but we are going to work with this during the new Transmission Training.

Why this message?

Because the new codes and activations are all going to work on the reactivation of the pineal gland. These are not like the activations you are used to from me. These are activations that heal, bring energy into motion, activate your potential and inspire. This new group of activations work primarily on the level, physically as well as energetically, of the brain, in depth on the frequency of the brain waves. In other words: a level of healing that is possibly painful but also can be confronting and you really must go for it!

The forthcoming free webinars of 22nd October ‘Transmission’, 19th November ‘Reignite’ and the finale on 21st December ‘Ignite and Reset’ are all directed to the re-activation of your true power, the self-healing power and with everything that is and more …

These are not relaxing activations and they can give side-effects. But like the Arcturians say: ‘we have to go through this’.

I will explain more about this during the forthcoming webinar on Friday. But at the same time with a warning because we don’t have any control over the participants with these free online webinars. Even so, I have to share these new powerful activations.

A warning not to participate if you suffer from epilepsy, chronic migraine, psychosis etc., (then this should take place under supervision) and we advise you not to take part if you are on your own. More information will follow. If you want to continue to work with a good functioning, reactivated pineal gland and chakras, then enroll for Transmission Training. If you want to experience re-activating your pineal gland in your own power, then take part in this free webinar.

We have work to do in these moments of time.

Enroll for free for the upcoming webinar Friday 22 October, with the activation Transmission.

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