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The Path

Sometimes you feel things even though your brain doesn’t understand it right away. In recent months, two new projects have emerged. The Oracle of God in which I was instructed to find the 33 stones connected to the 33 Goddesses.

I feel that and I go to work in full confidence, not knowing which direction it will go. Then came the feeling about the The Quest. A new online in which everything comes together. 1 of the themes in ‘The Quest’ is the path of the alchemist. And then, suddenly here where I am now staying in the South of France. Everything falls into place.. Here near the Mary Magdalene cave I feel the energy that brings everything together. Three new frequencies invade like dominoes. And now I feel, I understand, I know the Oracles of God, why I needed to manifest it. Stay tuned.

This new Frequency is called ‘The Path’.

The Alchemist’s Path: Bridging your human experience with your divine self, mastering the art of transformation.

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