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Frequency: Mastership | Mastery

All the fears and phobias that we know can lead back the six primary basic fears: rejection, illness, poverty, solitude, growing older and death. In the recognition and transcending of these fears lies the key to mastership.
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Christ Consciousness

A new energy has begun and will reign in the coming times. Those who are open will feel carried and brought towards the light. They experience the return of their being in its authentic form, or in other words: the rebirth of the soul.
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Janosh Column “Christ Consciousness”

Those of you, who are familiar with my work, know that every hologram has an influence on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher the hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, or in other words: an energetic vibration, which connects to our feelings. In my columns I describe my experiences that relate to receiving these codes. Regularly I talk about the one, which is strongest at this moment and I give my opinion about the developments on this theme.

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You climb to a level of consciousness, beyond the limits of intellect. Your sensitivity grows from incentives from outside: energies, symbols, instructions, inspirations, and emotions from others. It’s feels as if your senses are sharpened enabling you to see the reality even more clearly. With this sensitivity also comes responsibility, because you can grasp situations quicker than others, prepare for incidents and anticipate opposing powers.
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Recording of Webinar “EMBODY”

Janosh shares the Activation of Embody for the very first time. This activation helps you to embody your soul mission, and inspire you to come out of hiding and shine your light on the world around you.

Recording is available here:


Giving stature to what is occurring in the mind, by making it physical and using your body as an instrument.

Making inspiration visible, by giving it form. That begins with integrating consciousness into our body. Whenever we remind ourselves of our soul mission, this has an effect on how we present ourselves. We can show ourselves better in our surroundings and show what our intentions are: sometimes with words, sometimes with a symbol, or a ritual or purely by our presence.
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Everything that lives in your inner world and brings it together to oneness. Don’t give all your attention to what you think has priority, but also to the feelings which are much harder to catch.
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See what the lesson is that you have to learn to be able to grow further. Stubbornness makes you blind and leads to repeats. Awareness brings enlightenment.
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The ending of self-sabotage by longer judging yourself. Come out of your own created prison, then the painfulness in your mind will stop and there will be liberation.
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Recording of Janosh Live Webinar about Communication

Recording of Janosh Live Webinar about Communication is awailable here:

In this webinar Janosh shared the Activation of Communication for the very first time. This frequency will help you to make a better connection with your body and transmit your true feelings and desires to your surroundings.
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You have a huge desire to do something for yourself, but you wait. You hesitate. Even though everything is present to go for it, you feel that there is something missing to take action. It is just as if you haven’t found the right button to be able to start. This subtle feeling that something is missing, can be annoying, but is absolutely not negative. Read more…