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Life is not a time line, it’s a creation.  It is an imprint of the many choices you have made. Some remain and others quickly disappear just the way your life is constantly changing. You are an artist who paints with your own brush and every now and again you have to step back and look if you are going in the right direction. Just like taking a break to study all the details together.

That is the way to determine if the choices made have had the desired effect. What does your life look like at the moment? Do you need to trim the edges? Are there still things that need to be touched up? Are you close to accomplishment or is it time to begin again? This is a moment of contemplation.

The frequency Imprint helps you to make an unbiased judgement about your past, to create a quick summary about what you want, where you are and how you got here.



Состояние подъема, душевное равновесие и приятие всего, что происходит со мной. Благодарность Арктурианцам, Яношу и всей команде Яноша. С Любовью
от Сердца к Сердцу.


Thanks a lot! All Janosh works goes from such a deepness straight to the souls’ deepest deep.

Orit Koen

Many,many thanks,Janosh,especially for the Graal CODES


Thank you!

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