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Your life is a learning path, which your soul has chosen in order to grow. You are traveling in a world of various experiences, gradually leading you to the conclusion of who you are.

Along the way, it may feel as if things work against you. There are people who confront you, bring you off balance or send you down the wrong path. You feel that you have to constantly be on guard for snipers. It is difficult to continue to see the larger perspective of life that way. You connect with the so-called I-frequency; the competition of individuals. Here there are no thoughts of abundance, but deficit instead. We take away energy from each other by constantly throwing our opinion into the on-going struggle. The choice is yours, whether to keep fighting or to connect with the whole: the ‘we-frequency.’ Here we stand strong together and will reach the top so much the faster. We absorb the energy of wholeness, in which no judgment exists and you are free to share everything. Do not fear the enemies in the bushes any longer, but look up to heaven to remember why you are here. Realize that you are not alone, that we all chose the same learning path and are here to grow together.

The frequency of Harmony helps you to connect to the we-feeling and to understand the larger perspective of life on Earth.

I live in harmony with myself and my surroundings.


Руслан Рахимджанов

СПАСИБО за чудесное Пространство! Это так своевременно…

Вот только нигде не нашёл, КАК работать с изображениями кода? (Я новичок :))

Наталия Белоцерковская

БлагоДарю 🙂


Spasibo. Zdorovo.

Елена Бушуева

Благодарю! <3


БЛАГОДАРЮ!!! Замечательные энергии ! Гармония в Душе и Теле , уравновешенность и спокойствие. Всем Света, Любви и Радости.


Благодарю. В душе гармония

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