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How often did you tell yourself: “I was almost there”?. You had the answers, the puzzle was complete and all of your hopes and desires were tuned into that one important moment. Everything was right, until the moment of truth itself. You had to take charge, but you didn’t. Something was holding you back to finish it, to seal the deal, but at the most crucial moment you saw yourself fail.
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It is time to look back no longer. What happened, happened; it is an experience you carry with you. There is nothing left to find, since truth doesn’t exist. For centuries people have tried to explain life on earth. Tens of thousands generations have been looking for answers. Millions have been preaching and talking about it. Thousands have attached a value to it. Hundreds have stretched their boundaries. Just a few have been able to change history.
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Activation: Victory (RUS)

Be proud of yourself and feel your strength! Be proud of the fact that you have tried it and convince yourself that the next time you will succeed.


The world is changing: absurd high-energy frequencies are washing over the world like huge waves. What we are observing is particularly noticeable in the news: more and more dramatic happenings, one after another and there does not seem to be an end to it. People all over the world cannot deal with these frequencies and carry out the most dreadful crimes.
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It seems as though we are called to conflict more and more. We are challenged by our surroundings and get caught up in discussions, confrontations and battles. The opposites in life are increasing. The gap between good and bad and light and dark is growing.
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Often people in your surroundings have different opinions to yours. When it only concerns one person, you can often discuss this. When there are more people who disagree, it becomes another story.
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