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The Pineal Gland is the antenna of your sixth sense and therefore your energetic gateway to the universe. A strongly developed Pineal Gland will help you to lay the line from the physical world to the universe. This activation will help you to strengthen your Pineal Gland so that manifesting your desires goes easier and faster. Lasīt vairāk


For days, every night when everyone is asleep I wake up and see pieces of the puzzle. Open my laptop and work on a geometric frequency. Step-by-step. Every evening slightly different, contradictory frequencies and becoming one again and repeats, just like breathing.
Lasīt vairāk


How to let go and start receiving more than ever!
Lasīt vairāk


The way the blue ocean water is the reflection of the sky, your actions are the reflection of thoughts. It’s the frequency that helps to see just how much you have accomplished or what you need to work on. It’s creates the best version of yourself in life.
Lasīt vairāk


It is important to remember that whatever thoughts and feelings you have, that is what you are creating and attracting.
Lasīt vairāk

Inner Freedom

You feel imprisoned. Not free to do or say what you want. In different situations you experience things working against you and this means that everything costs you energy and that the things that you normally enjoy, are becoming more difficult. You don’t understand why this has happened. You only know that it leaves a feeling of frustration in you. It seems as if you can do nothing right and that you constantly have to watch your steps.
Lasīt vairāk


The ending of self-sabotage by longer judging yourself. Come out of your own created prison, then the painfulness in your mind will stop and there will be liberation.
Lasīt vairāk


Do you live a life which no longer fits you? You can keep on trying to repair situations and ‘to make the best of it’.

This frequency helps you to have the courage and power to re-write your old beliefs and release the things that no longer fit you and sabotage you.
Lasīt vairāk


There’s a resonance inside us, a sense of who we are.
We’re a multi-bodied traveler. We’re an essence.
We’re a feeling, an awareness that has an ancient existence.
Lasīt vairāk

Harmony | Concordance

We are being prepared for a leap in evolution. The individual will make space for the collective. Personal experiences will become shared experiences, in which our empathetic and telepathic powers develop themselves even further. In this way you come into contact even more with the ‘bigger we’.
Lasīt vairāk


After the deeper recovery of our soul, we will remember everything.

To recover from the illusion we need to find, learn, understand or achieve something. After the deeper recovery of our soul, we will remember everything.
Lasīt vairāk