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You make a jump in your personal development. New inspiration and experiences have lifted you to the next level. But then it happens: a relapse. You find yourself in situations that you thought you left behind. It’s almost like all the wonderful progress that you made has vanished. You don’t know yourself anymore, and it seems like everything is against you. And then the old patterns come back. The ones you thought you released because of all the internal work you’ve done.

You forgot to “anchor” your growth. Like all good mountain climbers on their way to the top, they are constantly pounding anchors into the stone to keep them from falling back again. We need to climb in consciousness with that same strategy.

Anchor the important growth moments in your life. They will give you the support you need if you feel like you’re falling. When you feel a relapse coming on or an old pattern popping up, stay calm. Remember what you’ve already accomplished – your anchor — and know that you won’t fall back again into those repetitive situations. You’ve anchored that experience. You are safe.

The frequency of Anchoring your growth helps you to feel secure as you continue to ascend.

Affirmation: I take this moment to anchor my growth.

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