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You are on the way to something bigger than yourself. Each time you make contact, you get a bit closer. In this growth process you make contact more frequently with the spiritual world. You experience a feeling of freedom, of coming home.
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Everything we need in life on Earth has been created for us in abundance. We often have difficulty accepting this, because we are prone to think in terms of lack. We cling onto the idea of security because we are afraid of having nothing. Energy is everywhere and everlasting. Do not restrict yourself by thinking too small, because with the proper intentions everything is possible. You just need to believe.
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There are no subjects more controversial than sexuality. It is the greatest secret we carry with us, knowing that it makes us vulnerable to our surroundings. The idea that someone else knows which sexual desires you cherish, and what feelings you have, is downright scary and even catastrophic when it becomes public. All this in spite of the fact that sexuality is the most powerful energy a human being can experience.
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You make a jump in your personal development. New inspiration and experiences have lifted you to the next level. But then it happens: a relapse. You find yourself in situations that you thought you left behind. It’s almost like all the wonderful progress that you made has vanished. You don’t know yourself anymore, and it seems like everything is against you. And then the old patterns come back. The ones you thought you released because of all the internal work you’ve done. Read more…

Activation: Sexuality

Sexuality is the most powerful energy a human being can experience. It is the catalyst for a Supreme State of being and a great incentive for our self-esteem, self-confidence and creativity. Whoever has an outlet to relieve sexual tension, owns the key to ultimate freedom.

The frequency of Sexuality opens the channel for sexual energy, so that more love and life force can start to flow freely.


Life would be boring if we were not challenged every now and again. Setbacks occur to be overcome. Mistakes happen so that you can learn from them. But at the moment when you have to deal with something, it is not always easy to stay positive. Even though you know that there is a lesson to be learnt, you prefer not to hear it. It’s ok to be fed up, but be careful that you are not unnecessarily hard on yourself.
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Activation: Revelation (RUS)

Now is the time to step into the light, to show who you really are, to speak your truth, without the fear of rejection.


As long as the human race has existed, life is caracterized by upturns and downturns. We can only grow if there is a need for adapting to new circumstances – that is how our evolution works. Even now this is the case, more than ever before, only we refuse to see it. We think that everything is temporary and the storm of chaos will be over soon. But our optimism is not equal to the power of the media: dramatic news is spread widely and shows us a world of terror, violence and catastrophe. There is no escape from it. Drama is everywhere around us: daily on TV, in the papers, at your work… even on the corner of the street you live in.
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Feeling secure is priceless and something that will sustain us for a lifetime. We look for it in others; the network of your friends, family and relationships offer a guaranteed safety net, making you feel secure. However, if we set ourselves too many boundaries, we often disregard ourselves. Even if we feel that certain relationships cost us a lot of effort, we are still prepared to submit to the wishes of others.
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