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Janoša autorraksts “2012. gads”

Those of you who are familiar with my work, know that each hologram has an impact on a specific part of our subconscious. I call them codes, because they help you to decipher hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code consists of information in the form of a frequency. In other words: an energy vibration that resonates with our feeling. In my columns – related to the latest code – I explain my experiences associated with receiving these frequencies. Everymonth I discuss the one that is currently the strongest, and give my opinion about our development within this theme.

The year 2012

Here we are: we have arrived in the magical year 2012! Right now it is starting and we cast off to set sail for our destination. Let the new masters arise, the times of Atlantis resurrect and allow our Earth through the tunnel to the Fifth Dimension. Now it will become clear what the Mayans predicted and if Nostradamus actually could see the future. We are ready for the truth, we want answers! This is where we have been waiting for. History has already been investigated, we have described everything in detail and supplemented with philosophies about how our ancestors saw the world. We cannot make it much more interesting. No, we miss the final piece of the puzzle, the plot of the story of mankind. Is 2012 a new beginning? Or will the curtain fall? Is it necessary to prepare ourselves… or are we too late?

For years I have been writing about the year 2012. It intrigues me, not really what we’re to expect, rather what we will experience there. The Mayans called 2012 the ‘End of Times’, a prediction which we interpreted in different ways. Take the Internet as a benchmark and you cannot see the wood for the trees anymore. Optimists claim the start of a new evolutionary process, while the doom thinkers stick to their beliefs of natural disaster and catastrophe. Meanwhile, science does not have the answer either and we are left to our own integrity. Who or what should we believe? What should we join ourselves to?

am an optimist with skepticism

Of course I am also asked about the fate that awaits us. Isn’t it right that you cannot write about 2012 without expecting questions? And of course, the number of questions are increasing lately. I’m not surprised. We humans are simply curious creatures, so we ask everything about anything. If I have to play the ‘spiri-master’ in this case, then I’ll do so, but you should know that I haven’t got much to tell. My opinion about our future does not honor all those wonderful theories that have been written about it. I do not believe in a revelation which gives us all the answers, just as well that I believe that the Netherlands will not be submerged shortly. I am an optimist with skepticism and base my opinion purely on what I feel and see.

When I look around, I can see that humanity is connected by fear and hope. It is a vicious circle of two emotions which maintain each other: fear of the unknown and hope for the improvement of the old. In that way, we live outside of ourselves, and we do not have a hold on reality. This creates a certain feeling of helplessness that we cannot usually convert on our own. Moreover, it is much easier to play the role of the victim because we do not have to bear the responsibility for our own lives. The pattern that relates to this role, is to seek confirmation from our environment. We really would like to know if others frolic with the same as we do, so we can understand what is happening to us.

In my experience, that we-feeling is what everyone is looking for. Religions especially have responded well in the past by uniting the human race under one roof. There has always been a price though, namely that you put your life in the hands of the Gods. In this way hope translates to prayer, while fear feeds the mistakes we make. This is the stamp that is printed on our lives and what we are now struggling with. On the one hand we want freedom, but it upsets us to know that we no longer can fall back on anything. We cannot play the victim anymore and that is the role that we have become so fond of for so long.

Waiting for leader or saviour

If I would ask you whether you often feel a victim, you probably say no. We associate this with being ‘weak’ and that is not how we would like to see ourselves. Make no mistake: this runs deeper than we realize. Quite often you don’t even notice that you think or act from a supposedly powerless feeling. It is an acquired pattern that has settled in the smallest corners of our mind. A victim characterizes himself, amongst other things, by asking for help, which is accompanied by a waiting attitude. This is a role we have played throughout history by (especially in times of crisis) waiting for a leader or a saviour who will come to save us. Or we are waiting for an opportunity or situation that should bring us further, but above all it must be something that comes our way – help in the form of a person or a sign.

Now what would that sign be? Which person reveals the truth about 2012? My feeling is that we once again become entangled in feelings of fear and hope. Some perhaps somewhat less than others, but everyone who is still searching or following is connected. So I wonder what the message of 2012 really will be. If the survival of the world is at stake, the outcome of the Mayan prophecy would be extremely large! Even a supernatural miracle would not exceed the sky-high expectations. We are used to quite a few these days, so I wonder what could still surprise us. But what if the opposite becomes true? What if it appears later that nothing is going to happen? What have we been waiting for all this time? Did we believe in an illusion… in something that is not there? I do not have the answers, but just before the turn of the year I picked up a trace.

Who we are is not what we are showing

During the last seven years I’ve travelled a lot, seen a lot and met many people both at home and abroad. I have had interesting conversations with scientists, researchers, therapists, spiritual leaders and shamans. I laid down much of the information that these people shared with me, as being the opinion of others. With all due respect, you know, but I probably often made the choice of ignoration, perhaps because I could not place them within my framework. Yet I saved a lot and now I discover what it’s all been for a reason. Over the years I also did many one-to-one sessions, in the Netherlands, as well as abroad. I have seen it all, felt and experienced it, and the various information streams in me now seem to come together into one essence, perhaps the… or rather my quintessence of 2012.

Especially during the private sessions, I discovered a key issue that occurs in everyone. Of course, background, experiences, beliefs and intentions are different for each person, but there seemed to be a common red thread through every conversation that appeared to apply to everyone. The same pattern I see reflected in the questions I frequently get asked during the workshops I give. It makes no difference whether someone is successful in life or is still fully searching, the similarity is the same every time. Normally I do not discuss private sessions, but it’s this thread, I would like to share because it is so recognizable. It is something we all seek, and that is solidarity.

When seen from a larger perspective, our soul is once and for all love. It is capable to love everyone, however great the personal differences may be. In our world the soul does not feel at home. When entering adulthood, it slowly gets pushed away by our ego that thrives on fear, doubt, insecurity, sadness, jealousy, drama, etc. Certainly fear has become an enemy and strange eyes summon that fear in ourselves. To protect ourselves against this, we have developed behavioral patterns that are inconsistent with what we desire. Each man wears a mask that imprisons the soul in a role that does not match reality. Who we are is not what we show. Meanwhile the soul fights its way out. It refuses to be kept locked away, which encourages people to seek confirmation. From inside everyone longs for a we-feeling, even though that can only be achieved through a road of fear and hope. In short, we seek oneness, that is where our soul can rest and be itself.

You have to take leave

I realize very well that in fact I am not telling anything new, but this is what is currently unfolding. Unwittingly, we feel the way to oneness as it becomes visible. It crawls through our veins like a tingling desire, as if the soul is indicating that the time is ripe to go and experience. I got the confirmation last month when I looked back at the past year, something we all do in the month of December. You finish something and look back one last time on what you’ve experienced. Quite normal. However, this one was different. I seemed to go back in time further and further, to my youth and even before. I saw myself growing up, become mature, making important choices. At certain times I even experienced emotions that suggested vague memories from past lives. As if my incarnation process was flashing by in short bursts. “What’s wrong with me?”, I thought. “This looks like a sort of farewell. I’m not dying, am I?”

In a lucid dream, Saïe gave the answer: “You have to take leave. Your soul looks back one last time to the lives you have had, before beginning a new phase.”Why a new phase? Next year will be the terminus, won’t it? Saïe laughed, as he so often does when I am not pleased by his explanation. “The end of the old hu-man, yes,” he continued. You people think there will be a kind of climax, but after 2012 it will be just the beginning. Then the process of liberation will start. For centuries you were trapped in a kind of matrix you yourselves have created. It is as if you were put under lock. Religions contributed to explain everything to be the will of the Gods. This gave rise to an energy of submission, in which you have lost your true power. Now is the time to seize that power once again. 2012 is the year of completion and release. This also means that karma will be dissolved. The only thing that counts from now on is: cause and effect. Every choice you make from now on will get a result which can be adjusted if necessary. This is where the soul has been waiting for centuries.

2012: a great mirror

Sometimes Saïe is very direct, at other times hard to understand. In this case, it was in between. On the one hand I could feel what he meant, but a bit of curiosity remains within me. I’d really like to know what our liberation really means. Whether it is something personal or if we will experience it all together. The one big question is: will we be able to cope with our freedom? Can we manage the responsibility? Are we capable to completely let go of our victim role and understand that nothing just happens to us, but we all decide for ourselves? As I think about it, I realize that one thing is certain: there is no turning back. The old has been and is something our soul now leaves behind. Whether we can create oneness in 2012 together, I do not know. I advocate it, but when I look around, I wonder whether we are doing enough. We often still seem to be waiting for signs and wonders. The longer it lasts, the greater the confusion in the world seems to become. Aggressiveness is increasing and more people seem to lose themselves in drama, religion… and also in spirituality.

Oops! Did I touch a nerve here? I can only be honest with you, though. When I first started doing this work, Saïe pointed often out to me that spirituality has the tendency to elevate itself into a new religion. I never really understood this, but now I do. We easily get lost in spirituality. There is so much new information, that boxes arise. Ironic isn’t it? A movement that advocates oneness consciousness derails in division. If we keep looking for answers, this will indeed be the result. I expect this year an overdose of information about 2012, with the danger that we will increasingly lose our tracks. That’s why I throw my own opinion over it and maybe this will inspire you to release the theme, because if you ask me, 2012 is a reflection of who we are. We are facing a large mirror that shows us how the world of today works. It is a world of duality and separation, something that is contrary to what we really want. I am neither a doctor nor a guru, but you have to pay attention; nothing will happen in 2012, if you yourself do not undertake anything!

There is nothing to wait for

Well, that’s out. Janosh has made his statement! Yet I am very serious when I say that there really is nothing to wait for. The only thing that will become clear, is that all is energy. When we broadcast the idea altogether that the world will end, we will receive confirmation painfully hard. We will remain victims in the circle of fear and hope. At the same time I do not believe that we can sit down, waiting for a new leader or prophet to give us world peace. What happens, happens, because we are creating it ourselves.

I do not need anything more to say about frequencies, creation, the law of attraction and so on. More than enough has been written about it. This is also not about who will or will not succeed in his or her mission. Our goal should be that we succeed together. That is where the key is for accelerated growth. Give your soul its freedom back, by taking off your mask. Let vulnerability become a new force, where we find out that we all desire the same. If we are honest, without any judgement about ourselves or others, we can inspire each other and all be happy within the circle of unconditionality. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Whether this becomes reality depends on you and me. Lift yourself over the limit of passivity, get active and let passion and joy determine the beginning of your 2012.

The start of your day

In that way I bridge the gap straight to my closing remarks, in which I share with you the latest information. I have been made aware of the fact that the start of each day is essential to how the rest of that day unfolds itself. In the first minutes, you decide what kind of energy you get back later. It is a cycle that you yourself start up from the moment you wake up. The thoughts and emotions out there when you get out of bed, determine the total energy of the day. If you look at this from a larger perspective, the twelve months of 2012 will be the true energy of ‘awakening.’ What you think, feel and undertake this year, will affect the rest of your life.

The very first minutes of every day are easily influenced, so start with that. You can begin tomorrow. When you wake up, you walk to the bathroom, look into the mirror and smile at yourself. Bid yourself welcome to this new day. Make some positive affirmations and induce humour. Even if you pep talk yourself very seriously, and even if you feel you are making a fool of yourself, just to laugh about! Humor is the best way to make your day a successful start.

It sounds so simple, but creation is also not complicated. Often we make it so very difficult, while energy is only a matter of sending and receiving. Leave your thoughts about 2012 – there is nothing to wait for! There is also no need to let everything depend on this year, but it is important to be alert on what you think, what you feel and how you act. Let your soul reveal itself and your heart to speak freely, then you are assured of success. This is where you can show who you are by asserting your own uniqueness. Create, inspire and remember: 2012 means nothing if you do not give it a meaning!

I wish you and everyone around you a great awakening in 2012.

Heart to heart,



Swetlana Fisenko

спасибо. очень вдохновляет,аж в ушах зашумело.

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